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Story of discovery

PostNapisane: 17 kwi 2016, o 09:11
przez PaulinaMorel2
For the seven mountains
For the seven forests
Lived so old man. He was not talkative, he preferred solitude.
No one knew about what he done for live.
He didn't invite friends to his home. So much interesting when someone go near to his home he getting a panic attack, like he kept a bomb in his home.
Situation was changed when at the normal day, at the sunny afternoon when all people from his town made shopping or only they walked on the park. They heard so loud bang. All people scared.
They saw the smoke from home of old man.
They called from emergency which took man to the hospital.
Next day in the hospital the neighbour of man go visited he.
He said to doctors about he is a family of pacient. And he heard about this man was scientist and he made fire because he mistooke one substantion.
But doctor when said this was so happy. The naighbbour asked he about it.
"This man for his mistooke discover the cancer vaccine! I called to USA labolatory and they want to buy this vaccine. This man is millionare!"
This is the end of story. And the main sentence is all actions have consequences, sometimes for mistake we can be milionare.

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PostNapisane: 18 kwi 2016, o 10:56
przez Admin
The Story about discovery.
Once upon a time, over the hills and far away ( lub zamiast tego, Once upon a time in a kingdom far away ) lived a really old man. - Dawno dawno temu za siedmioma górami, za siedmioma rzekami....
and he preferred solitude.
No one knew what he was done for living.
didn't invite any friends.
It was more interesting that when someone got near his home he was having a panic attack, hike he was keeping a bomb in his home.
That situation has changed when at some normal day, during the sunny afternoon, people from his town was doing shopping or they only waked in the park when suddenly they heard a loud bang and they all become scared.
They saw a smoke coming from Old man's house so they called for the ambulance ( zadzwonili po karetkę) which took the man to a hospital.
On the next day old man's neighbour came to visit him and told the doctors that he is patient's relative.
And he found out that this old man was a scientist and he put on a fire because he added wrong substance.
But the doctor said it in a cheery tone and neighbour wanted to know why the doctor seemed to be happy about it.
This man discovered a cure for a cancer by mistake. I called some laboratory in they USA and they want to buy his cure. This man is a millionaire ! '' the doctor explained.
This is the end of the story.
And the moral of this story is that all actions have consequences, and sometimes by mistake we can become a millionaire.

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przez dmitril33
Ktoś pomoże ?

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przez Glosikx00
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