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Recenzja bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie

PostNapisane: 6 lis 2012, o 17:39
przez glu12
Lady Gaga concert

Lady Gaga’s concert was probably the most anticipated event of 2012. One of the most knew these days pop singer came to Poland for the first time to give performance. All 15 000 tickets were sold in hardly 24 hours.
The concert took place in stadium, where came many people, everyone seemed to be very excited. Show supposed to start at 8.00 o’clock PM, but something delayed the show and it start half an hour later, that made some people even more excited, but also some people were upset.
When the show finally started, we could observe that Lady gaga is not singing in live but from playback, that made an audience very inconsolable. What is more the dancers were acting as if they did not know the dance-move. It all looks badly organised.
The stenography was very colorful but in a way kitschy, I think that for international star everyone was expected something in a bit better taste. The same thing stick to outfits, Lady gaga is known from controversial outfits, but this time she did not surprised her fans.
It will not be an exaggeration to say that this concert was a waste of money and time. Pop star did not have contact with the audience, which is important during show. The whole envelope was mistake. Concert was very disappointing and full of empty emotions.

Re: Recenzja bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie

PostNapisane: 23 mar 2016, o 10:44
przez Admin
One of the most known pop singer these days,
to give a performance,
a stadium,
many people came there brzmiało by lepiej,
it started,
What is more,
it all seemed to be bardziej by pasowało,
the same thing can be said lub we can say brzmiało by lepiej,
known for,
any contact with byłoby lepiej,
envelope ? czy raczej event lub evening ? :),
was a mistake,

Re: Recenzja bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie

PostNapisane: 10 lis 2017, o 07:57
przez pikol231
według mnie to jest dobrze

wizytówki Gdańsk

Re: Recenzja bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie

PostNapisane: 13 lut 2018, o 14:31
przez Glosikx00
Też tak myślę