Jak ludzie obchodzą Walentynki autor: Ola02

W tej części publikowane będą prace związane z dniem zakochanych, tradycje, historia oraz skojarzenia. Zadania na różnych poziomach zaawansowania.

Jak ludzie obchodzą Walentynki autor: Ola02

Postprzez Teacher01 » 9 lut 2011, o 19:42

Is it possible to share life and everything you have with another person?

Probably yes, but if you fall in love you would celebrate your fillings in a special day. It is The Valentine’s Day.
In 14th February all world celebrate love. Let’s look on the history.

In the Middle Ages in Rome there was a ritual connected with 15th of February. Young ladies wrote on the small pice of papers thier names and took them to the urns. Than the teenages boys choose one of then and they should found his girl. Sometimes they created a couple and got marrige.
Theese days people celebrate The Valentine’s Days in another way. But coomon thnigs are cards. Now we send it with short loves poem to show our love and feelings.

I remabered that in polish school there was a tradition that we were created Valentine’s post. But we were too young for it and every of us feel emabrased to say I Love you or Would you like to be my Valentine’s?

If you go to city centre during the 14th February you are going to see lots of walking couples and ladies with red roses. There is also a tradition.
The main symbol of Valentine’s Day is red heart. You can also buy a huge big lollipop and say I love you.

I think that the best gift for every lady is the voyage to Paris. This city is especially for lovers and it would be the best to show feelings. But on the other hand you should talk every day if you love somebody and not only in The Valentine’s Day. It is quite comercial.

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Re: Jak ludzie obchodzą Walentynki autor: Ola02

Postprzez zapalana » 20 mar 2015, o 13:32

Czy ten opis jest prawidłowo sformłuowany?
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Re: Jak ludzie obchodzą Walentynki autor: Ola02

Postprzez Admin » 20 kwi 2016, o 11:58

feelings nie fillings :)
On 14th of February we celebrate love all over the world.
Let's look at the History.
During the Middle ages in Rome
piece of papers their names
Teenage boys chose one of the pieces of paper and they should find their girls.
They became a couple and got married
These days .... in a different way.
But common things are the cards.
with a short love poem
Polish schools .... that we were creating Valentine's post.
every one of us felt too embarrassed to say I love you or Would you be my Valentine ? .
the city centre
a lot of walking couples and
There is also a tradition.... ale jaka tradycja ?
is a red heart
a huge lollipop
you should tell every day that you love somebody and not only on Valentine's day.
praca napisana spójnie, z jedną nieścisłością i kilkoma błędami, ale jest to ładna paca :)
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Re: Jak ludzie obchodzą Walentynki autor: Ola02

Postprzez naciagipawex » 20 gru 2017, o 14:31

moim zdaniem jest prawidłowy
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Re: Jak ludzie obchodzą Walentynki autor: Ola02

Postprzez MisterHide » 8 mar 2018, o 15:15

Też tak myślę. To dobre teksty.
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