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Przedstawiamy materiał przygotowany przez Karolinę - autorkę strony o Kanadzie,

Materiał zostanie sprawdzony przez korektora w ciągu 48 godzin

Since a really long time British Columbia has been vibrant with life. The streets are crowded by umpteen of sport lovers, athletes and has become tinged with red and white colours. People here has been wearing national outfits, cheering and singing a national anthem or different patriotic songs.Each time they show their huge delight, coming out of being a host of Winter Olympic Games. No doubtly it is the most expecting event of the year, on which Canadians have been waiting and preparing for several years. Not only is it a time for showing sport skills in order to acheving a gold, and as it goes with contributing to present as the best the winner's country on the world's area, but the time when Canadians are willingly to unite with people from all over the world and experience such extraordinary event together.

On Friday at 3.00 a.m Polish time the Opening Ceremony of 21st Winter Olympic Games was held. It's the first game ever, which isn't held on the open air. The ceremony started at BC Place, in the heart of the British Columbia, Vancouver and had accumulated countless crowds of those who are going to go though the games with a unity and peace spirit.

I've seen it,although the fact of being asleep,but it was worth it,as this surpassed all my expectations!!

To start from, while the speaker was itemising all the Olympics which has taken place so far,was showed a video with an athletic who was going downhill of the Mount Robson-the highest hilltop of Rocky Mountains. Curiously enough, he finished at the BC Place stadium.


After welcoming representatives of Canadian government,including a governor of Canada Michaelle Jean, appeared the Royal Canadian Mounties,wore red,and who hoisted Canadian flag,and the national anthen "O Canada" was sang by Canadian Nikky Yanofsky.


BUT, what would be a celebration without people who has influenced on the whole country,and who are a heritage of this land?Unexpectedly in the middle of the stadium appeared four, enormous totem poles seemed being carved from ice glaciers. It refered to representatives of indigenous tribes of Canada. Their appearances were followed by greeting in English,French and tribal languages. You can imagine the admiration of being honoured to taking part at such a significant event. Everything was expressed in their ritual dances.


Accordingly to the ancient Olympic's tradition of welcoming all the athletes, Greece appeared first, and the next were introduced in alphabetical order. The last arrived hosts, who were going with a self-confidence and excitement as it's their event.

The ceremony was musically supported by Canadian-born artists like: Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams who performed in a duet a song written especially for this occassion 'Bang the Drum',Sarah McLachlan singing 'Ordinary Miracle' accompanied by a piano,K.D Lang in Leonard Cohen's song 'Hallelujah' or even coming from French Canada-Garou in a song 'A little higher, a little further'.
This what made me surprised was the show called 'Scenery of dreams'. If you hadn't seen it, you might have been regret it. It's the first time I've faced such a stunning show. The show was divided into four parts and refered to every season. First part was 'A tribute to the North'. In a minute later the ground of the stadium turned into a water basin with whales,releasing water up. The key element of this part was appearance of a huge bear, which symbolised strong connections between animal and human lifes.

When the 'people of the North' came, the ice broke and they was acting to evacuate. This perfectly related to the might and strenght of glacial nature.


In a second part 'Bright Grove', in the middle of the stadium appeared the forest, similiar to the ancient one, emphasising the life full of silence, peace, love and in accordance with the nature.


Another one was 'Rhytmes of the Autumn' with playing and dancing fiddles. It has more in common with Canadian multiculturanism, like even elements of Scottish music finally. The last one called 'Who has seen the wind?' presented a man flying over the golden field of praire. The parts were followed by the speeches about the exception of Canada. In exemplification, one of them was John Furlong's speech - a manager of Vancouver Olympic Committee. According to what he said, Canada is the fiendliest land on the Earth,and the land of opened hearts. Inhabitants are proud of themselves as they are Canadians and they repeadetly are trying to give weight to their attachement to the country,excitement and joy, all-engulfing their hot and hoping hearts. He pointed that they want to inspire young people to coming true their dreams, as they are a hope for a world which needs the peace. To sum up, his speach ended with a sentence 'Good bless Canada'.
In broad terms, after taking an oath by representatives of the judges and athletes, was lighted the flame of the Olympic torch. The whole stadium went dark and were covered by millions of lights of the candles. Although, each Canadian was properly equipped with a box, which included a surface of the drum, a cover, candle and a torch.

Hence,Vancouver Olympic Games are officially opened and are going to last for next 16 days.

Frankly speaking, the Games are a huge celebration for Canadians who have a hope for a good fun. They have already prooved what they are able to do,as concerns combined operation. With such dedication and involvement, it certainly will be an unforgettable event for each Canadian as a result of cooperative and a solidarity


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