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Praca pierwsza

Agata Marczyk
kl 2 a
A British place which enslaved my soul

There is only one place in the world where strawberry fields live forever, where comes the sun and where you can meet a girl with kaleidoscope eyes. Yes, if I must choose one British place which enslaved my soul, that will be Liverpool.
This old port city is the capital of music from the 60'. Why? Of course because of The Beatles. Four no-rich and no-handsome men did for popular music as much as anyone else in the history. Their music story begun on 7th August 1957, when Brian Epstein saw The Quarry Men - a few young men playing skiffle. Nobody knew that three of them – John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison would be one of the biggest stars in the world. Five years later the band found the best drumer they could find - Richard Starkey best known as Ringo Starr. Mr. Epstein became their manager. The band was ready. It wasn't long when beatlemania besieged the world. Vinyls, posters, magazines, then figures and movies. People started to cut their hair in the beatle-style and wear suits the same as the Great Four from Liverpool. Everyone wanted to see them. On concerts girl-fans shouted so loudly that the music wasn't heard.
When the 60' were ended Lennon, Harrison, Starr and McCartney were very tired. Fans wanted to see them everywhere. They played concerts where only the fans shout could be heard. To be honest, music was out of interest. The boys couldn't handle that. In 1979 after some problems and tiffs The Beatles decided to end their career. The Great Four were defeated by their own popularity.
That story shows how weak a fame can be. But this wasn't the reason why I choose Liverpool as the place which enslaved my soul. The reason is something that was the most important thing for the Great Four. The music.
There's no other band that showed new music style in such an impressive way. We can't deny – The Beatles were the fathers of rock'n'roll. When in the 50' rockabilly appeared, people could just provide that this combination of jazz and country music will born something more important for the music history. When Elvis Presley started to sing he didn't play exactly rock'n'roll. It was still rockabilly. Untill 60' people didn't know new rock'n'roll sound. But 'British Wave' – as we can name this movement in Great Britain that involved araise of a lot of new rock bands – presented it for everyone. And The Beatles were the main point. These four young boys made, make and still will be making people crazy.. Why? Because of the magic of the rock'n'roll music. In the middle of the 60' people started to dress not as the same as always, cut their hair characteristically and what's important – they started to behave in another way.
But The Beatles is not only a beat it is also lirycs. In their 'first stage' when they were polite boys in suits singing love songs they started intrigue young girl-fans. A few months later, after their first concert, they left their hair a little bit longer than it was tollerant for polite, young, British boy. Their song also changed a little bit. In the song 'You're going to lose that girl' John Lennon sang: 'If you don't take her out tonight,/ She's going to change her mind,/ And I will take her out tonight,/ And I will treat her kind. (...) If you don't treat her right, my friend,/ You're going to find her gone,/ 'cause I will treat her right, and then/ You'll be the lonely one'. These few lines fired young girls imaginations. They started to fall in love with their favourite Beatles and see in them ideal men for themselves.
The Great Four didn't write only love songs. There is also a lot of poetic lirycs like for example 'Eleanor Rigby' or typical dance-song like best known 'Twist and shout'. a lot of songs about things no connected with love were written in 'a second stage' of The Beatles career. At the end of the 60' rised Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band – one of the most popular 'band in the band' in the world. Their records (with the same title that the bands name) started a new wave of The Beatles songs. Now, we can hear songs like 'Let it be', 'Yellow Submarine', 'Across the Universe' or one of the most popular song in the world - psychedelic 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'. This stage is also connected with narcotic experiments. For example - one of the Beatles fan group thinks that Lennon wrote 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' after he took LSD. This theory can be confirmed by the fact that three first letters of the songs title are also the letters of that drug. Nevertheless The Beatles admitted to used drugs. a lot of people are sure that this fact is responsible for the band's end. All in all ' a drugs stage' is not only a problem. It is also a time for beautiful ballads and hippie lifestyle.
This year it is 40th anniversary of The Beatles end. But when the band ended their career, it doesn't mean that they don't exist. As I said – even after Lennon's and Harrison's deaths – The Beatles still exist in the fans minds, hearts and – what is the more important – in their musical tastes. The memory of The Great Four existed, exist and will be existing. But The Beatles tradition is not only connected with fans taste or with new editions of bands records. It's also presented in the town where everything started. In Liverpool.
Outside The Cavern Club – a place where the fist concerts of The Quarry Men were played – stands the sculpture of John Lennon. The story of John and Yoko was narrated by many authors in a lot of songs and books. New fan clubs still arise. People gather in places connected with The Beatles. There are still new bands that imitate them. In the world arise monuments depicting the group members. In Hope University, in Liverpool, you can even study 'The Beatles' specialization... We can't deny – the world still remembers about Great Liverpools Sons. And it's maybe hard to imagine but all their story started in this town situated along the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary. And that's the point I've chosen Liverpool as a British place which enslaved my soul.

Praca druga.

Paulina Wróbel

An American place which enslaved my soul.
Close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful and harmonious place on the Earth. Search slowly and precisely, choose carefully- you have only one chance… So, can you see it? Consider and remember every single detail. This is the place that I intend to take you. Just this once… This is your dream, an ideal moment.
Ok, look around. Guess where are we? You probably think that we are in the middle of nowhere. Maybe you are right, but it doesn’t mean that we also cannot be in the one of the most breathtaking views. Look around again. I can see in your eyes that you start to piece all views and news together. Yes, it is the most amazing place on the Earth ... The Grand Canyon. It’s such a spot of the world where Mother Nature decides who will obtain the privilege of admiring her art. Only some people will be shown the tools used to make those wonders. Now it's your turn, your move ... go, but do not think that you're the one who makes decision here. The land itself will show you what is the most valuable at her home.
Fallow the rhythm of your breath, listen to your heart. And go… but as your conscience tells you. This is a place where the past and presence harmonizes together, forming a unique, unforgettable place. Dry, red, dust, single vultures’ crook give you know that you are the only visitor here. Silence comes over that the land is wrapped in a lot of mystery and we don’t know what there will be around the fallowing stone. Massive mountains with deep glens and defiles hold on breath in amazement. High, mysterious, massive red walls make everyone feels like an intruder. A vast space and everlasting silence give the possibility to be free, limited you at the same time. Everybody, who passes through the ridges and the gaps, feels lonely here. This place has something in itself that makes people feel free like birds, but also small and threatened like ants. Everything here is amazing: every single tree, shrub, lizard hiding under a stone. Vultures and other predators bring pervasive atmosphere of the death. Going along the path of ancestors people can get the idea that they are being observed. And it is actually the truth. Every inhabitant of this wild land accurately tracks every step of a stranger. This is a holy place, which cannot be interfered. Each of these stones, boulders, shrubs and dry vegetation remember the various movements and breathing of explorers. Traces of the received hope appearing everywhere could be scary, but at the same time is the light in the tunnel, which is saying that it is worth getting to known this world anew.
While the crust of the Earth is hard and indifferent, the interior is ready to show its beauty. Mother Nature is determined to show her most amazing places and teaches to respect them. Get ready because she just takes you on a journey of your life…
Now you will be away from the noise and crowds, the spirit of the Grand Canyon will show you deserted and beautiful places in their ferocity. You can safely skip the Grand Canyon Skywalk and go to the more unusual place. Go into the wild and loutish land that will surprise you again many times. Go away from the Grand Canyon Village if you really want to meet the real nature. Ask no questions and hear no lies. Just go…
For this graceless hill there is a settlement Supai. Do not go there- you do not need to have a finger in every pie. Head towards the next peak.
I know that it is really hot here… but do not complain! You are just a visitor, so you should be graceful. And by the way- no gain without pain. But wait a little longer. All things come to person who waits.
If you think that in this dry and soulless land, nothing can surprise you, you are wrong. Look there… what can you see? Can you see the great and powerful waterfall in the shape of Mother Earth? It is the Havasu Falls, it is your ray of hope. Now you are in completely different world, but still on the same land. See as the water breaks into the million of pieces and then melts into the blue. Turquoise water, incessant noise of the water foam, green, blue sky... While the lights reflect in the waterfall’s lake, the water gleams like a million of diamonds. A powerful stream of water flowing out of limestone rock has a pleasant blue-green tint and red-blooded red-rock canyon, gives this place fabulous look. Only sky is a limit. To be under no illusions- this is your oasis in the desert. Although you should not jump into it, but… the water is so cold and forbidden fruit is the sweetest. So… do it! Cowards die many times before their deaths. But remember that you are here only by the courtesy of the Mother Earth- do not let her down. And now jump! Feel that clean and cooling water surrounds you from far and near. It will be our secret, we will keep it under our hat. Enjoy it while you can, swim and admire the most spectacular waterfall of this land.
Can you hear that hum? Approach the cliff and look. At first the Colorado River looks calm and peaceful. However beauty is only a skin deep. The river is like a troubled, rampant sea, and the mountains look like relentless waves. Do you have that premonition, which makes you feel that just at this moment you can fall down like an eagle and dive into the blue? Are you scared to feel that deep?
You are a long way from where you know you should be. There's a Grand Canyon between you and that place.
The spirit of the Grand Canyon is your strength if you are weak and your eyes when you cannot see. It helps you to get up. But it is not shown- it is inside and waits for being discovered. It blows a breeze into your soul, and you know it is from him.
That experience gives you wings and makes you fly. You saw a stone falling into the abyss, you felt harmony rock- and you liked it. You saw the end of the red soil, you felt a strong wind- and you enjoyed it. You saw the birds of stone as they guard the gates of the nature by their wings- and you loved it. You felt the fire that warms your heart.
Every night, when the stars cover the clear sky, spirits gather on a large wilderness, among red stones and walls, to admire Mother Nature crying tears over the fiery beauty of this land. Cry with her, because it is the end of your perfect moment.

Praca trzecia

Sara Mostafa

"An American / British place which enslaved my soul."

A place that captured my soul was when I visited Orange County, California. When I first got there, I was greeted by the warm and sunny weather, the kind people and the fun atmosphere. Orange County is a "one and only" place to visit when you want to go to California.
The neighbourhood there is very friendly and the streets are kept clean. In Orange County, there isn't much crime because there's a lot of police protection. Orange County is dominated by the rich side of California. There, you see houses that cost up to a million dollars and cars that you can't even find in Hollywood. Despite the fact that many mexicans live in California, in Orange County you see more white faces than dark.
Orange County is otherwise called "O.C" (abbreviation) because it's often called the ideal place to live. The beach is very close by and you will always see freckled and happy surfers residing in Orange County.
There are many attractions in OC. However, they are not things that would truly excite you. OC is very calm as are the people and even the animals have calmness within their body.
You do not see so many exhilirating things happen in the OC. The reason why, is because the town is known for its peace and quiet. OC is very protected and even though it is so safe, parents still don't let their children out alone. You never know what might happen.
As for the public schools here in the OC, you could say they are pretty well in the educational field. Many of the students are often the ones who go to high universities. The private schools are too class. However, they are very expensive and most adults spend over a hundred thousand dollars for the school expenses.
This is all from my point of view. However, hearing what people had to tell me about the facts of OC, I realised that this place could really inspire me somehow.

When I visited the OC, the Orange County fair was still there for the month was July. It was a very big event and I was shocked to the incredible fun but scary rides they provided. They had a large ferris wheel where you could see the horse stables that were next to the fair grounds. There were two haunted houses that sent chills just by the glares made by the unfriendly attendant who was checking the house itself. There were many coventions including an animal show and there was a building where eager advertisers bombarded you with stories about their products. There were so many food stulls and my favourite thing that I tried was 'Corn on the Cob'. Only because you could put any flavour on your corn and you could choose to grill it.
The fair by far was one of the funniest things I'd ever seen and afterwards when it was time to go home, I kind of felt sad and slighty mournful. The prices weren't very expensive and I guarantee that if you visit the OC fair then you are going to have the time of your life.
I also visited the OC's large cinemas and huge coffee houses. I seriously felt like I never wanted to leave.

Orange County truly made me feel happy and positive. Most people might say that it was slighty dull ( excluding the beach and fair ) but I disagree because if you truly visit the best parts of the OC then you really feel satisfied. The OC brings out the freedom and peace of California. It truly enslaved my soul and I'm over joyed that I could write the facts and places that have stayed in my mind.

Praca czwarta

Kacper Kopyś

,, The place In Great Britain that enslaved my soul’’

For me the most interesting and place that enslaved my soul is Brighton . Brighton is one of the most popular British resorts at the seaside . Just one hour from London on the southeast coast .
The first impression which came to my mind was the Brighton reminded me Sopot. Brighton is sometimes known as Little San Francisco , because the roads having some very sharp inclines to them in some areas or Camden-by-the-sea as there is a kind of north London feeling to the place .
In my opinion Brighton is a charming place to be , no matter what you want from a visit to a very characteristic and eccentric British city .
In nineteen century , the town became fashionable when it replaced the spas of Bath in the west of England as the resort for healing and recuperative waters .
This was mainly down to a research paper by Dr Richard Russell , which convinced doctors and patients that both drinking and bathing in the seawater relived many problems , including trouble with the some part of body . It was popular with rich Londoners who , in those days , generally ate like pigs , got drunk to often and certainly didn’t exercise.
The sudden popularity of the town attracted the interest of George , the Prince Regent- a title given the whoever takes on the rule of the sovereignty in the absence of an official ruler(his father George III had become seriously crazy in 1811) . He fell in love with the town and visited it frequently to take the water cures and attend the horse races . He also became responsible for one of Brighton’s most remarkable architectural features .
In 1815 he commissioned the Royal Pavilion , designed by one of the nation’s best-known architects , John Nash .
A stunning synthesis of styles characterise the building : the Taj Mahal like exterior , the Chinese themed interior , with much bamboo used in the furniture and walls . It was used mainly for entertaining and large feasts were held there , their menus often featuring over a hundred different dishes . The striking landmark is just one of the great number of architectural attractions in Brighton . Many Regency style buildings still exist and the architecture gives the city an unmistakable nineteenth century charm .
But during 1950s and 60s the town possessed a certain notoriety with its reputation for being the ideal ,,dirty weekend,, location , with couples coming to the town to indulge in , often , not allowed by the law affairs .
My friend said that the City Centre (Churchill Squere) is a great place to stroll around , buy clothes and souvenirs from new designers , eat some great food and basically chill out by the sea . I never forget the Brighton Pavillion which was built by George IV and has been called the British Taj Mahal, not just because it looks Indian , but also because it is said that George IV built it in memory of his many mistresses .
I was one of the great number of people walking on the two old piers- the West Pier and the Palace Pier , open three hundred sixty for days a year filled with funfair rides , and stalls offering everything from fresh mussels , cockles , or winkles to candy floss to palen or tarot card readings . I visited Brighton with my father took part in a medical conference, because Brighton is a popular choise of conference venue .
To my stonicshment , have heard that in 1984 one of the political conference was rocked by a bomb planted by the Irish Republican Army- IRA . I had the opportunity to enjoy the beach life , to watch the waves crash against the shore in wild weather . One of the remarkable place for me was the Lanes , a serpentine labirynth of narrow always lined with numerous antique jewellary shops , and stylish clothing boutiques .
The Lanes are usually quite crowded and it some particulary tight places it is necessary to squeeze past fellow shoppers . It is also very easy to get lost .
But for those who prefer their entertainment on a slightly smaller scale , Brighton’s pubs (and they say that there is one of them for every day of the year) are as varied and eccentric as the people drinking in them . They come in all varieties , from cosy converted Victorian houses , old churches to large theme pubs . Some pubs or restaurants even have their own microbreweries in the pub itself .
I realsied that Brighton is full of young , crazy peoples students from Sussex University and it made the city one of the most vibrant , ,,happening’’ places in the country .
It become a Mecca for clubgoers . To my enjoyment most of places in Brighton serve very good food and many stage live music .
Music festivals are an important part of the artistic life of the city . Every year such musical parties are held in Brighton as Brighton Festival , Brighton Festival Fringe and the Artist’s Open House where musicians and musical groups around the world are appearing entertaining the crazy audience for example : Alice In Chains , Red Hot Chili Peppers , Clutch, Rage Against The Machine, Damian Marley, Metronomy , Archive, The Jimi Hednrix Project , Groove Armada , Cypress Hill , Daft Punk and Kyuss- the legend of stoner rock . Brighton is called ,,the city of beach festivals,, . For me music is one of the most important things in my life either that Little San Francisco has musical souls very much brought me closer to him.
In 2002 , Brighton’s top Dj Fatboy Slim , staged a beach party that attracted a quarter of a million people to the seafront . The event was controversial , it was extremely loud , the sudden influx of people threw the city into chaos and the visitors left behind tons of rubbish and left the beach covered with broken glass. A proposed repeat of the beach party this year was scrapped.
First which I had a propose to visit a Brighton I was very sceptic about it. I thought that it was place only for pensioniers but it turned out that it give my impressions it was worth taking my time.

Praca piąta

Paweł Bojko

„A place which enslaved my soul”

It’s obvious that sooner or later every single man on this planet will find his favourite place, a place which is going to enslave his human soul. If I had to find such a place of mine in UK, it deffinitly would be Liverpool. Located on the west coast of England is one of the biggest and most famous places in Great Britain. What is more, Liverpool could not be less interesting than London.
It is said that Liverpool was settled by King John in 12th century, but it started to look like a normal city not before the 17th century. It is because of in these years we can observe the growth of the population and a big progress in trade and manufacturing. In the 19th century, Liverpool and Manchester were the most important trade cities (about 40 % of the world’s trade was passing through Liverpool). Nowadays it is really hard to imagine that in this city lives about 500 thousands people and it is also a financial, touristic, commercial and entertainment centre.
Going through the balance of the opinion about Liverpool, for me, it’s clear that there are a lot more advantages than disadvantages to live there. The first great thing about the city is the easy and fast communication, I mean, not only inside the city, but the inter-city and international connections. Buses, taxis and metro can guarantee you a simple travelling to work, landmarks or any other places. There is also a well-known John Lennon International Airport only 20 minutes from city centre and a big train station.
The next thing which fascinates myself in Liverpool is it’s specific and unique architecture. On almost every street we can observe the mix of modern and old, mainly neogothic’s buildings. From “The West Tower” the highest building in Liverpool (2008) to Speke Hall Tudor Manor House (1530).
Talking about Liverpool, it’s necessary to mentioned about the Beatles. The legend and history of “the boys from Liverpool” is just fill up in the city’s air.
The most influenced and most famous pop-rock group in music history has it’s fantastic own museum, original shop and a café. Of course it’s also quite obvious that the citizens are very proud of them, but the distressing thing is that the people try to commercialize and sell the Beatles mark in any possible way.
It can be said that Liverpool is a perfect place for tourists, not only because of it’s unique atmosphere but also of a great number of landmarks and museums. (Only London has got more museums and galleries). Starting from famous Liverpool’s Cathedral, a masterpiece built in 1901 by Sir Giles Scott’s, renovated after the World War II. However if we enter the Cathedral we can be a little shocked, because of a café and a shop inside ! The next thing to love Liverpool for are the great docks near the river. These are called “the Albert Docks” and are one of the main tourist’s attractions in the city. Especially, the docks look beautiful at night, when you can admire the panoramic view of the city, while wandering through the streets. This place is also a popular meeting point for young people and students.
The next place which is very important to see in Liverpool is the Cavern Club. One of the world’s most famous rock and roll club. Opend in 1957 by Alan Sytner, was a perfect place to make a start for young and ambitious music bands. That’s why it is said, that the legend of the Beatles was born in there, mainly because their first live concerts were given there.
There are over 100 landmarks to see in Liverpool ahead with St. George’s Hall, Liverpool Town Hall, Chinese Archway and Radio City Beacon Tower.
But Liverpool is not only about the landmarks, great history and museums. What is also very important, particulary for young people, the city is full of entertainment. There are a lot of things to do there.
For example “the Liverpool One”. It is the exciting shopping and amusement centre, full of restaurants, cinemas and shopping malls. What is more, the city is full of pubs, bars and clubs which are open until the last customer leaves. There are also parks just made for wandering, boat races or small beautiful typical English districts.
Talking about Liverpool I have to mention about sports, especially football. There are two very famous football clubs – Liverpool fc (18 times English League champions, 5 times European Cup winners) and Everton Liverpool (9 times English League champions), so the city is divided in this kind of sense. The games of both of these teams are an unforgettable experience, the emotions, football skills, the roar of over 50 thousands supporters could be feel by almost every single week. Football in England is treat by people like the second religion, so we can just imagine how important the results of these teams are to Liverpool citizens.
What else is really worth to say is that Liverpool as a city is very practically located. In any moment you can get a car or a train to visit Manchester, London, Birmingham or Southern Scotland, chiefly, that the distances are quite small and the trip is often very comfortable.
In conclusion, for me, the choice was very easy. There isn’t any other place in UK that could “steal” my heart more than Liverpool. This city has everything for every kind of people. The city has it’s own unforgettable climate. The mix of the Beatles, beautiful Albert Docks, great landmarks and museums, football and entertainment makes me wanna visit this place everytime, because in one word : Liverpool is just fabulous.

Materiał dodany zostanie do bazy prac studentów http://www.jezyk(...)og11.php


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